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We know there’s a good reason why you sometimes don’t take your meds. Let your providers know how your meds make you feel from one day to the next through a secure, routine phone call. Keep your health care provider updated by answering a series of specific questions. A lot can happen between doctors visits doctor hears from you the better. Rest easy knowing all of your information is private and secure and will improve the quality of your health care. Pick up the phone as frequently as you want, the more your


-Speak to your doctor about setting up an Adhearx campaign

-Call in and enter the code provided by your doctor.

-Start leaving regular feedback for your doctor’s office to review and follow up on.

That’s It!

No new software, no lengthy manuals, and no data entry – just a quick phone consultation to keep your providers informed.

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We’re here to remove all hurdles to communicating with your doctor because staying healthy should be easy.
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