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Adhearx: Get paid for taking better care of your patients

“Have you been taking your meds?” can have more than a yes or no answer. Adhearx gives patients the security to talk openly about how their medication makes them feel through a simple routine phone call. Want to keep tabs on patients without requiring a visit? Easily scan phone call transcriptions for red flags so you can immediately reach out to a patient in need, instead of waiting for their next appointment. “Is there anything you forgot to mention in your last visit?" Get actionable data from unstructured patient feedback and gain insight into how your patients are doing outside the office.

How it Works:

Your patients call a toll free number and answer your pre-established questions regarding their general health and adherence.

Four simple steps:

  1. Write out the questions you’d like your patients to answer
  2. Tell your patients to call in and enter your Adhearx practice code
  3. We match the name of the caller with your patient list and share the transcriptions with you
  4. Bill up to $94 dollars per patient per month



  • HCP can personally dictate questions
  • Ability to streamline previsit check-in questions
  • Foreign language options



Coming soon:

Automatic reminders for patients that forget to call in.

Easy for your patients, and easy for you.
Improve your practice, and improve your patients’ lives.

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