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A life is lost EVERY FOUR MINUTES due to non-adherence.

What if we could save thousands of lives by understanding what prevents patients from taking their medication?


Our Story

Adhearx was founded on the belief that improving patient care and reducing costs stems from understanding why individuals don’t take their medication as prescribed.

Over the past decade, we have been providing medical transcription services to doctors throughout all 50 states. During that time we have refined proprietary software that allows us to make sense of unstructured patient data that captures each individual’s unique issues and emotions around taking specific medications. This type of detailed information – raw, uncensored feedback from patients across the US – is key to improving adherence.

But in order to capture this uncensored feedback, we knew that patients needed an easy and familiar way to share personal information.

We created a service that reaches out to the patient with an automated phone call, on a schedule that works for them, because this is the simplest, most accessible way to provide adherence support to patients across all demographics.

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